Our Mission.

Whether preparing for a client presentation, designing a space for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, or putting the finishing touches on a long-term project, Studio Coupar can support you in your creative endeavors from conception to completion. Our team integrates seamlessly into your own, adopting your aesthetic and company ethos to create moodboards and construction schedules, design custom furnishings and install your project effortlessly and on time.


Krista Coupar Piagentini - Founder & CEO

“I used to watch my grandmother stitch together rodeo dresses on her Singer sewing machine with the most exquisite fabrics,” recalls Krista Coupar affectionately of her childhood in the ‘80s in Las Vegas. “Since then, I’ve been drawn to beautiful textiles.”

It makes sense that today, Coupar, founder and CEO of San Francisco’s Studio Coupar and Coupar Communications, is innovating the Interior Design industry. Like most successful businesses, Studio Coupar was born out of necessity. “I found an underserved community and filled a niche,” explains Coupar, who adds that interior designers have a very specific set of needs.

One of the first things Coupar noticed was that design could be an isolating career. That’s when she got the idea to rent a 1800 square foot loft space with 20-foot high ceilings in the design district of San Francisco. “My goal was to bring designers together, so I started a drop-in membership, which I call Tête-à-Tête.” It’s a place for client meetings and collaborative work. Next was project support and business consulting, something Coupar is especially skilled in. Today, Coupar expanded to a staff of twelve and offers marketing, branding, and PR to her list of services.

Coupar got her start in 2001, when she moved to San Francisco and found a job on the retail side of The Silk Trading Co. In 2004, she started to work under seasoned San Francisco designer, Kendall Wilkinson, where she was initially responsible for managing the retail division of the firm. There, she worked with a team of the best teachers in the business, from a tech guru to a VC to a CPA. “That was my business school,” says Coupar.

In 2007, Coupar decided to strike out on her own and she never looked back. While not a tech business per se, Coupar is inspired by Silicon Valley, in particular by how they solve problems and the work/life balance work environments they’ve pioneered.  Unlike the tech business, however, Coupar is very female friendly. In fact, Coupar’s twelve employees are all women. “I love to support women and the female energy,” she says, and sights entrepreneurs like Kendall Wilkinson, Sheryl Sandberg and her grandmother as her role models.

Coupar lives in San Francisco with her husband and six children, and has not lost her passion for beautiful things.


The Team

Ana Corcran - Design Director
Roshie Larijani - Designer/Project Manager
Gabriella Coyne - Designer
Belinda David - Designer
Brianna Costello - Designer/Expeditor
Lisandra Caro-Torres - Project Manager/Expeditor


Coupar Communications is always on the lookout for talented individuals to become a member of our team. Please send resumes to info@couparconsulting.com